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Stay cool this summer with Asquith clothing…

Things are really heating up out there and it’s important to stay as cool as possible. With Asquith‘s Yoga and Pilates range you can be cool (in both senses of the word).

Visit our online shop today and treat a yourself, a family member or friend to something from the Asquith range.

Did you know Physiocomestoyou Ltd also offer Clinical Pilates.


We aim to listen to our customers; we love your feedback, we’ve designed styles for you, fabrics for you.

We strive to provide quality garments that you can enjoy season after season. We are the opposite of ‘fast disposable fashion’. The Asquith range is designed for yoga and Pilates, but also to work with your daily lifestyle.

I design the range for you. I am inspired by my own yoga practice, my teachers, my lifestyle and requirements and the requirements of all the women I meet who work, play and live a full and busy life.

Asquith London is comprised of a friendly team of people. We believe in excellent customer service, strong communication, openness and honesty in all things.

Physiocomestoyou Ltd is delighted to be working with Asquith London.

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