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Everything You Needed to Know about Pilates

Joseph Pilates created Pilates during World War I.  Working within hospitals, Joseph Pilates increasingly saw patients not improving and confined to their beds.  He knew the benefits of exercise having being plagued by illness himself, so he designed exercises that could be carried out in bed. He then further progressed these exercises using springs to increase […]

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Pilates Equipment

We are pleased to have a selection of Pilates equipment for you to purchase via our online shop; ranging from ankle weights, dumbbells, gym balls, balance aids and mats. All of our equipment is perfect to help with Physiotherapy rehab, core stability, Pilates and gym workouts. As well as Physiotherapy for neurological conditions, musculoskeletal and sports, post […]

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Anyone for Pilates?

Pilates offered by Physiocomestoyou Ltd is known as Clinical Pilates.  This modified version of Pilates is taught by Physiotherapists who, using their extensive knowledge of anatomy, help to eliminate any risks of harm or injury.  They also undertake full assessments prior to teaching Pilates taking into consideration where you specifically need to work and positions […]

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